Diptera Identification Workshop

Workshop Group Photo
Workshop Group Photo

QSBG Entomology last week hosted a 1 week "Diptera Identification Workshop" supported by The Department of Agricultural and Water Resources-Australian Aid and bionet (ASEAN under the direction of Dan Bickel (Australian Museum, Australia) and Wichai Srisuka (QSBG, Thailand). Sixteen participants from all ten ASEAN countries were in attendance.

The training went well with participants being introduced to a wide variety of Diptera families in the lab as they processed specimens, and in the field as they visited various parts of the garden-the garden being an ideal location for a close mix of field and lab work.

Despite all the work, and indeed enthusiasm of many for the field and lab work, those interested did manage to eat out and also visit the lights of the big city on two nights. On departure all went off with a USB drive of assorted literature and presentations, a 119 page printed workshop manual, traditional northern Thai tote bags, the hefty "Flies: The Natural History and Diversity of Diptera" and some with insects nets too.

Of course, there were the usual minor problems or difficulties to be overcome-late flights, people missing the airport greeter, locked rooms, etc. Despite these we hope the training was useful, not too stressful and enjoyable to all.

Photographs taken during the workshop can been (and added to by participants in the case of the album), here (album), here (full res photos, lower res in lowres directory) and here (lowres images).