QSBG Entomology projects

TIGER (Thailand Insect Group for Entomological Research) Project


The Sharkey lab (University of Kentucky, US), along with an assortment of collaborators, has commenced a biodiversity inventory of Thai insects with Entomology at QSBG as a major collecting and processing centre. In addition QSBG is the final local repository for specimens collected during the TIGER project. TIGER plans to collect from 30 National Parks in Thailand over a three year period sampling in 10 parks each year. Specimens will be sent to collaborators worldwide for identification and research. Returned specimens will be housed in the insect collection of the Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens (QSBG) in Chiang Mai and the accumulated information at the University of Kentucky. TIGER is funded by the US NSF under grant number: DEB-0542864. A summary of the project is [here] and more complete details [here].

Studies of Insect Diversity in Northern Thailand

The Insect Diversity in Northern Thailand project is aimed to collect insect specimens in the North to be deposited in the QSBG Insect Museum. The specimens will be used as references for taxonomic study and educational displays in QSBG Natural Science Museum.

Rearing of Pyrophanes indica and Luciola ovalis Fireflies

The Firefly Project is aimed to study the rearing techniques of 2 species of terrestrial firefly with their distribution found at Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in order to reintroduce the larvae to their natural habitats.