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The "alien hunting" team (see An "alien hunter is coming to QSBG") made its first visit in search of "aliens" during December. Seven of us (Oliver [Eberhard Karls University Tübingen], Heike [Eberhard Karls University Tübingen], Watana [Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation], Wichai, Tanyalak, Raewat and Sumitr - you can see some of the team in the picture at the right) visited Doi Inthanon National Park in search of Steninae rove beetles during Dec 9-20, 2013.

We collected specimens from a range of habitats and altitudes while we tried to stay warm and dry. It has recently been very cold in Thailand, especially on Thailand's highest mountain. There was no snow but some did wonder if Thailand might have white Christmas! No snow was seen, but there was some frost!!!

We will spend sometime in the lab sorting the collected material (and defrosting ourselves) then back to Doi Inthanon and hoping for a warmer time.

Dianous ningxiaensis

Some of the team (Tanyalak, Raewat, Heike, and Oliver)

heading up the mountain (Credit: Wichai)

Dianous ningxiaensis

Sifting though soil and leaf-litter by a small stream (Credit: Wichai)