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QSBG is currently hosting three long-term work experience students from the Putra University, Malaysia (UPM). These students, the first of which we hope will be many, unfortunately have no involvement with QSBG Entomology.

Recently Japar Sidik Bin Bujang and Muta Harahm, the internship programme managers from UPM, visited QSBG to check on the student's activities and progress. During their tour of QSBG Japar and Muta visited us at QSBG Entomology. During their visit we toured the insect museum, explained our collection and sampling programmes, discussed our plans for a butterfly house for QSBG, as well as assorted other QSBG Entomology activities.

Japar and Muta were quite interested in QSBG Entomology's activities and we look forward to UPM work experience students being keen to be involved with QSBG Entomology activities in the future.


Dissecting a rotting log in search of specimens


Searching for blackfly larvae and pupae