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Roger Beaver, a beetle taxonomist with a particular interest in the bark and wood-boring beetles (Scolytidae and Bostrichidae), who has lived and worked in Chiang Mai for many years recently donated 5125 insect specimens to QSBG Entomology. Roger has worked with QSBG Entomology in the past as a collaborator with the TIGER project and has chosen to deposit parts of his private collection with us. The donated material consists mainly of Hymenoptera (wasps) and Diptera (flies) specimens, with almost 200 identified genera being among the material. Roger expects to donate more material over the coming years.

QSBG greatly appreciates Roger's kind donation and looks forward to seeing any more material Roger may choose to deposit with QSBG.


Dissecting a rotting log in search of specimens


Searching for blackfly larvae and pupae